• ANTHONY LO, Co-Founder

    I've been tinkering and designing since I could ride a bike. Over the years, my love of engineering transformed from building bicycle ramps in the backyard to a thirst for the open road on two wheels. Eventually, I found my passion for cars and motorsport.

    Along the way, I managed to graduate from Iowa State University and start my career as a product design and development engineer. It was then that my passion and interests stopped becoming a hobby and became a calling.

    My vision for Inventum is to lower the barrier of entry to racing—in all its iterations; to create sustainability in motorsport, and most importantly: provide a simulation tool for drivers to push their cars to the limit.

  • KYLE VAN DRIE, Co-Founder

    I grew up around cars and naturally developed a passion for motorsport. I had an interest in working on anything with an engine and four wheels, which led me down the path of engineering. I attended Iowa State University and received my Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering. In my work as a composites engineer, I gained an appreciation for carbon fiber and its many applications. I later gained experience designing suspension systems for a variety of on-road and off-road vehicles. Most recently, I’ve worked as a composite stress analysis engineer, where I’ve had opportunities to analyze fully-composite wheels for high-end vehicles.

    During the COVID lockdowns, I started sim racing but found myself yearning for a more immersive experience. I wanted as much immersion as possible and knew that it required the inclusion of motion in some way. Due to the unbelievably high cost for a full 6DOF machine, I did what any resourceful and bored engineer would do and resorted to designing and building my own machine. The design was a success and a hit among friends. Little did I know that this machine would be the prototype to lead to the creation of Inventum and the desire to share this level of sim racing immersion with as many people as possible.